"Works" are the collected tales of "Smoky George" as they appeared in FirstHand, Manscape, Torso, Honcho, Mandate, Advocate Men, etc. [Brass says:] "What I wanted to put in was a voice many men could hear and understand: sexually uninhibited, but conscious of life's dilemmas and problems. I also wanted them to be fun." It is this element of realism and fun, not to mention the author's talent, that sets Works above the average sex book. The writing is good, the characters are interesting, and the plot gets us off, which is all that you can ask from good erotic fiction."

-- Jesse Monteagudo writing in The Weekly News, Miami, FL, Oct. 28, 1992

Erotica can be a hard, heart-pumping experience or a soft, romantic interlude; both have their strong points, depending on the taste of the reader. In Perry Brass's Works and Other "Smoky George" Stories, passion and lust run high. Brass brings forth a collection of sixteen stories presented in the unique style that many readers of Brass's alter ego have come to enjoy. Each story has a different theme with a variety of settings and colorful characters who come across as more real than fantasy. One tale, "The Trick Who Fell from Space," is a direct link to Brass's science fiction novel, Mirage. Other vignettes deal with such diverse ideas as sex with an Egyptian idol ("The Voice Within the Idol"), lust with a snowbound amputee ("The Cold"), genitalia piercing ("The Platinum Ring"), and several trysts into foot-worshipping ("The Motivation" and "The Man With the California Face"). "Sex and Violence" and "The Whole Person" are fast-paced mini-mysteries. The former is a revenge scenario after a suitor's slaying, the latter a trip into trust, friendship, and industrial espionage. In each is a cast of characters that radiates more than the usual brash cockiness that permeates other forms of erotic writing, be it pornography or romance. These are well-written erotic adventures with strong characters, new and diverse settings, entertaining themes, and quick-paced plots. If good erotic reading with a tilt towards the romantic side of every unexpected rendezvous is desired, this book will satisfy the burning hunger very well.

-- Stephen C. Mathis in Lambda Book Report, Washington, DC, Dec., 1992.


"Classic Brass," these stories, at once humorous, erotic, romantic, and adventurous-many of them set in the long-ago 70s, when, as the author says, "Gay men cruised more and networked less" -have recharged the tired category of gay erotica. This new, expanded edition of Works also contains an excellent selection of Brass's steamy and often controversial poems, as well as his humorous essay, "Maybe We Should Keep the 'Porn' in Pornography," in which he says that this type of writing should revert back to its original function of keeping readers " privately" stimulated as well as amused.

Works and other 'Smoky George' Stories.  Expanded Edition

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And Other "Smoky George" Stories.

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And Other

"Smoky George" Stories.

There are two editions available!

Original Edition & Expanded Edition

Back in 1992, way before "Brokeback Mountain" hit the screen and revealed to America that queer men were other things beside bitchy lawyers and actor wannabes (OK, waaaay before Will and Grace, too), I published Works and Other "Smoky George" Stories, a collection of my highly sexual (let's be honest, flat out: some pretty damn "porny")stories that originally had been published in such sterling examples of gay literature as FirstHand Magazine, Honcho, and Advocate Men. Many of these stories were from what is now called the "Golden Age of Gay Porn," when gay men were first starting to assert themselves sexually, proudly, and sex became part of the adventure of life, rather than just a shrink-wrapped commodity in a DVD box.

In keeping with a long-standing law in publishing, if you do something good, repeat it, a few years later I re-released Works in a second edition, with another cover. It was "expanded" in that I also included a selection of my erotic poetry with it and an essay called "Maybe We Should Keep the Porn in Pornography." But basically, aside from that and the Foreword, by queer wit and anthologist Brandon Judell (The Gay Book of Quotes), it was basically the old Works but with another cover.

Still, I have a place in my heart for the old edition of Works with its tantalizing rodeo-butt cover, and I found a small trove of them in our warehouse, so I'm offering them to you at an unheard of price of just $8.00 a copy, signed.

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