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  • What We Did Not Know4:04

Composer Scott Gendel wrote the music for this poem. 

The singer is Nathan Stark, and the pianist is David McDade.  

This was a recording session done in Seattle in 2015. 

What We Did Not Know

That we would pay for the foolish
greed of others with our destiny, our
own children. That we could fail
the rich gifts given us by the earth,
the seasons, the mysteries
of life uncoiling by themselves,
and not see their messengers
sent by the winds, the seas, the land

in gripping pain. That we would ache
for things we could not have
but know them only in the courage
of wise people. What we did not know

was so small we could hold it
in our hands
and bring it to our hearts: the meaning of closeness
and of truth.

Dec. 30, 2012
Bronx, NY