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The Harvest


A wild new gay science fiction thriller by Perry Brass : Page number: 224 ISBN: 0-9627123-7-X available at bookstores or through this website from June, 1997. Finally: an updated gay Frankenstein—with a truly cool ending.

Nutshell summary:

In the future, one Corporation ("the Corp") will rule America. Religion, reduced to greeting card slogans for the "Godthing," will become an arm of public relations. Food, shelter, and health, will be publicly stressed as an old elite class rises again behind a mask of "universal" opportunity. Wealth will be invested in the production of vaccos: laboratory-produced (human) "corporate cadavers," raised on isolated ranches as living sources of organ and tissue transplants. Drugged on numbing "euphorics," vaccos are harvested regularly for a waiting list of patients.

One such vacco, a valuable "Corp property" known as Hart256043, will escape. At an underground bar specializing in illicit sex and drugs, he meets Edgar Morgan Devereaux: successful Corp designer, adopted son of wealthy, powerful Joshua Devereaux, member of the Corp Board. But Devereaux has a secret. He was born Chris Turner, a lower-class delinquent, and he can never shake his roots or a desire to retaste his wild youth. In an atmosphere of tension, violence, and repression, Chris and Hart will bond and discover within each other compassion and a completeness totally outside "Corp" life. Edgar will reject Joshua’s lifestyle, and join with Hart to do anything—including kill—to save the vacco’s life. And Hart, one of the most appealing characters to appear in contemporary fiction, will find in Chris Turner the humanity he needs ultimately to survive.


In The Lover of My Soul, Perry Brass offers us a biography of himself, as well as a spiritual journey of nakedness, surrender, and transcendence. On this journey he finds the '' lover of my soul ,'' that immense,deep Connection found in moments of intense feeling.

''Humor, heat, anger, and sunshine ... Perry Brass has pushed the envelpoe of direct feelings into an uncharted territory all his own.'' William J. Mann author of The Men From The Boys.

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