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Great Offers from Belhue Press + FREE Books

We want you to like our books, share them with your friends, and of course own them. So Belhue Press is offering some of the best deals in publishing to you, our valued readers and friends.

How to get all the great books by Perry Brass that you want!

First—We love our friends at gay and lesbian community bookstores. These stores are a very important part of the community, and if you want to buy your books in your own community, please do. We'll be happy to list the websites of any glbt bookstores you send us—and will be happy to exchange links with them.

Some great community bookstores that we love so much!

Lambda Rising Bookstore is one of the mainstays of gaybooks in America. The bookstore is not simply a place to buy books,
CDs, T-shirts, candles, flags—well, you name it, but is also an important center for the glbt community of Washington, DC and
the surrounding area. Since good things need to be spread around, Lambda Rising now has branches in Baltimore, Rehoboth Beach, and Norfolk, VA—and is now the proud owners of historic Oscar Wilde Bookstore in New York.
(202) 462-6969
1625 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20009

Oscar Wilde Bookstore, the oldest glbt bookstore in America, is a Greenwich landmark. For many of us just coming out, it was our first stop in the gay world, a place to meet friends, and a community center. We urge you to support stores like Oscar Wilde Bookstore and other fine community bookstores.
15 Christopher Street
New York, NY  10014
(212) 255-8097

A Different Light, in the heart of the San Francisco's famed Castro District, means GAY and LESBIAN books to thousands of readers. If you want to lose your heart in San Francisco, this is the place to do it.
489 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 431-0891

The Open Book, Ltd. is simply a great store. It is whole-heartedly dedicated to the community that keeps it going.
910-21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
800 365-2401

(One of the best community sources of books and other materials on the Web, the Open Book also does national and international mail orders!)

Calamus Books is owned by our friend John Mitzel, a long time community gay activist in Boston.
92B South Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 338-1931

Also, you can get many of my titles from Amazon, Barnes and Noble (, and InsightOut Book Club.

Get FREE Books When You Order Directly from Belhue Press

Now, if you order books directly from Belhue Press, we can give you some real sweetheart deals!

But first off, let me tell you that you can now order books through the store. It's easy, and all books will be personally autographed by me. That's right. You don't have to trek out in the snow, go to Alaska or spend a lot of money to live in New York to get your books autographed by famous author moi (aka Perry Brass!) Just hit that link and you're on your way.

Or, to take advantage of our even better offers, you can order them by sending us a check made out to Belhue Press direct. When sending a check, please include your telephone number on the check.

You can order any two books by Perry Brass, we will take 25% off the cover price of the books. Please add $3.00 for postage and handling.

If you order 3 books by Perry Brass, we will take 30% off the cover price, and we'll throw in a free copy of SEX -CHARGE, Perry's wonderful first book of poetry, with the kind of wild, crazy, and dirty poems you never read in English class. Please add $4.00 for handling.

For 4 books, take 35% off the cover price, and we'll throw in a free copy of WORKS, the first edition, now a collector's item, with it’s wonderful cowboy butt shot cover. Again, please add $4.00 for handling.

If you order SIX books from Belhue Press, take 35% off, and we'll give you the Sixth Book absolutely free. (Sorry, but we can't combine this offer with the previous one. We can only offer you one free book--and it cannot be The Substance of God. But we'll be happy to throw in that copy of WORKS This also goes for multiple copies of books, so you can give copies of Perry Brass's popular books as gifts to your friends. Please add $6.00 for shipping and handling charges for orders of six books.

When paying by check, please make out your checks to Belhue Press, and include in the "Memo" section, "Website," and send it to:

Belhue Press
2501 Palisade Avenue, Suite A1
Bronx, NY  10463

Gift books.
 We will be happy to send books as gifts to your friends, and include a gift card from you at no additional cost. Please send us a list of your friends and which book is to be sent to them, and include $1.75 in your check for each additional address.

Reading groups: We will ship multiple copies of single books to reading groups at great savings. Your group can now enjoy The Harvest, HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR OWN GAY LIFE, ANGEL LUST, WARLOCK, or The Substance of God, Perry’s upcoming Spiritual Thriller, at a savings of 35% off the cover price of the book, for orders of 6 or more books, when a single title is ordered in multiples.

These books must be shipped to a single address. Please add $6.00 to the cost of your order for six books, and add a dollar more for each additional book. All reading group orders will be shipped UPS, and cannot go to a P.O. Box Number. For P.O. box number addresses, we will be happy to ship books, insured, by US mail.


 Perry will autograph books at no additional charge from the press. If you’d like your books autographed to someone else other than yourself, please let us know.

You can also order Belhue Press books by Perry Brass + thousands of other gay and lesbian titles through our affiliate, TLA Books.