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New York is full of a million pictures

New York is full of a million pictures,
and they can all be boiled down to this:
the person who knows his own mind
and is looking for a short cut to it,
the person who has hidden her spirit
under clothes she cannot afford,
the person who is completely fulfilled
and feels inadequate because of it,
the person whose job it is to see inside you
                  for a split second
and to reward you with his knowledge;
the person of the streets, the person of the
and the person of the dawn sky renewing
himself with every year and every movement
of the city’s great river, spilling its banks
        to find a novel course
inside the brain of night.

Sept. 29, 2015
Bryant Park


All speckled with light
and jelly and silvered flecks of salt,
all twisting and gliding
and catching drools
of amber before they fall
into grist along the sand: it shoots
a spew of water and wriggles forward,
menacing, floating close. Who says
beauty is simple? Complicate me,
detain me. Make me afraid; I will gasp
to catch my breath, then bloat
with air to come up, to become one
with your layer beneath the waves,
where sunlight is refracted
in my observant pulse, where any dream
        is lethal until the night
sucks the tide through its course.

Dec. 14, 2003

Cnidarian (C is silent) pertaining to the invertibrate phylum

Cnidaria: jellyfish, hydras, sea anemones, and corals.

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Light Park Floating Skyscraper by Ting Xu &Yiming Chen