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A Lullaby for the Earth

[](c)2017 Perry Brass/Belhue Press

Goodnight my sweet thing, O my
charmer of mercies, with eyes as deep
as the closing sky, eyes of blackness
and eyes of gray sorrow, and eyes
as bright as a rainbow's smile.

Let me count ringlets, let me count toes,
let me count valleys where nobody goes;
let me count doorways and weeds by the road,
and quick, drifting isles where the sleepy child roams;
let me count faces awake in the dark, and places
too tired to face morning.

I will bring gladness, hot tea and toast,
warm buttered sandwiches, plump jelly rolls;
let me bring everything I can hide
inside my satchel, forty miles wide.
Inside my fullness, inside my hope,
and inside the harvest of plenty.

I'll make you safe, sweet bode
where I dream. I will bring
copper, fresh paint, and the sun.
I will bring dew for the birds
in the fields, and take all your
great wounds and bid them to rest.

Mar. 6, 2007
Bronx, New York