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What Is The Manly Art of Seduction, and What Can You Learn From It?

“Men are not supposed to be seductive.”

    Perry Brass heard this while very young, so of course it gave him an open field in a kind of behavior that can be exciting and satisfying. Always waiting for someone else to make the first move? Traumatized by rejection? Don’t have a clue how to open a conversation, or expand the terms of a relationship? The Manly Art of Seduction is a must-have. Brass explains male territorialism, and how it keeps men locked inside themselves. He talks about making decisions yourself, and how these decisions can be used to make seduction possible—even easy. He deals with the monster of rejection, and how to use mind pictures and exercises to rejection-proof your psyche. At the end of most chapters are questions you can use to tailor this book to your needs, seeing your own progress as you come to master this art.

What You Will Learn from The Manly Art of Seduction:

How to approach men and always know what to say, how to act, and what to look for.

How body language, your own and his, works with men.

How to use the boundaries of male territorialism to your own advantage.

How to build confidence and security in yourself to keep from being devastated by rejection and your fears of it.

How to be adult, in control, and seductive in a world that does not want you to be—and why it doesn’t.

How to make the most of what you look like, and get the results that prove it.

How to groom, dress, and act for seduction.

How to seduce a man in a crowded bar, a social situation, over dinner out, at home, or anyplace.
How to deal seductively with disability, weight issues, penis size, erectile dysfunction, class, race and cultural differences, as well as with straight men, married men, monogamy, and threesomes.

How to become the balanced, secure, sexually successful person you want to be. 

You’ll learn all of this in The Manly Art of Seduction by Perry Brass, author of How to Survive Your Own Gay Life.

    You can buy The Manly Art of Seduction from many wonderful gay and lesbian bookstores. Some of our favorites are Giovanni's Room in Philadelphia, OutWrite in Atlanta, Calamus Books in Boston. Also, you can order the book at any Barnes & Noble. Ask for it at your local B & N, and if they don't have it on the shelves, they can get it. Or, go to Amazon and order it. The Manly Art of Seduction is also available as a Kindle Book, and as an EBook from SmashWords, and also through Diesel Books, one of the best sources of Ebooks on the Web.

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The Manly Art of Seduction, How to Meet, Talk to, and Become Intimate With Anyone
by Perry Brass ( 
$16.95      ISBN: 978-1-892149-06-0 
Cover photo: Stanley Stellar. Cover design: Tom Saettel.

At bookstores everywhere, also through Amazon & other purveyors of fine books.
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