Perry reads from "Works" & Return of a Classic:
The Original Works and Other "Smoky George" Stories, from 1992

First Works cover

Back in 1992, waaaaay before "Brokeback Mountain" hit the screen and revealed to America that queer men were other things beside bitchy lawyers and actor wannabes (OK, waaaay before Will and Grace, too), I published Works and Other "Smoky George" Stories, a collection of my highly sexual (let's be honest, flat out: some pretty damn "porny") stories that originally had been published in such sterling examples of gay li'trature as FirstHand Magazine, Honcho, and Advocate Men. Many of these stories were from what is now called the "Golden Age of Gay Porn," when gay men were first starting to assert themselves sexually, proudly, and sex became part of the adventure of life, rather than just a shrink-wrapped commodity in a DVD box.

    In keeping with a long standing law in publishing, if you do something good, repeat it, a few years later I re-released Works in a second edition, with another cover. It was "Expanded" in that I also included a selection of my erotic poetry with it and an essay called "Maybe We Should Keep the Porn in Pornography." But basically, aside from that and the Foreword, by queer wit and anthologist Brandon Judell (The Gay Book of Quotes), it was basically the old Works but with another cover.

    (God, it hurts to confess this, but, heck, writers gotta make a living too. Or something that attempts to simulate that).

    Still, I have a place in my heart for the old edition of  Works with its tantilizing rodeo-butt cover, and I found a small trove of them in our warehouse, so I'm offering them to you at an unheard of price of just $8.00 a copy, signed. So you can send us a check for $8.00 + $3.00 shipping to

Belhue Press
2501 Palisade Avenue, Suite A1
Bronx, NY  10463.

(and p.s., tell us whom you'd like it personally signed to)

    Or, you can buy Works and other "Smoky George" Stories, Original Edition from Amazon, by going to this link —Old Smoky—and to the Belhue Press offer and we will process the order, and it will be signed by Perry Brass as well. So you can have your Smoky, and eat him, too!

    And just to give you a feeling for the stories themselves, here's a small taste of them, read by me, from "Works," the title story. Just click the link below, set back and let your heels sink into the bear skin rug (or anything else close to you).

Perry reads from Works

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