More Full Frontal Poetry
We Started Out Janitors
by Trebor Healey

and ended up fuckbuddies
He used to mop the floors without a word
while I vacuumed couches and dusted tables

I figured he didn't speak English
We both figured the other was straight
We started out janitors
Now I clean his asshole with my tongue

It was a restaurant
We both started stealing food from the fridge:
big sausages and blocks of cheese
We started laughing one day when a cube of butter dropped out of his pants
as we were locking up to leave
We laughed so fucking hard
and then he said, "I hate this job—
let’s take everything and not come back tomorrow"
We started out janitors
Now we're thieves

He said his boyfriend liked pastries as he bagged 3 dozen blintzes
I said I'm queer too
He said the only thing he liked more than food was sex
I said you wanna fuck?
He turned and forced his tongue in my mouth hard
We tore at each other's clothes
We both had big ugly dicks
that we treated like food

We started out janitors
And now we were sucking cock on the kitchen floor
He fucked me as I held the back of a chair
and I came onto his mopped floor
We laughed some more and took all the food

We both showed up the next day
I guess to find each other
Took everything and came back
They didn't fire us
They didn't even notice
We stayed working there for 2 more months
fucking like crazy and cleaning less and less
We started out janitors
Now we're fucking-conoisseurs in a high class restaurant

We both got fired in the end                       
for doing a lousy job                           
—but what did they know                       
We were investors
We started out janitors                       
Now we're unemployed fuckbuddies with something better to do

Recipient of the 2004 Ferro-Grumley and Violet Quill awards for his first novel, Through It Came Bright Colors, Trebor Healey is also the author of 5 poetry chapbooks and a collection of poems, Sweet Son of Pan.  His poetry has appeared in dozens of journals, zines and reviews, including The Chiron Review, Long Shot, The James White Review, Van Gogh’s Ear, Holy Titclamps, The Lodestar Quarterly and Softskull Press’s Bend Don’t Shatter.  His short story collection, A Perfect Scar & Other Stories, is forthcoming in 2007. Trebor lives in Los Angeles.


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