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You  are entering a world of authentic freedom,
of connecting with your feelings and desires,
and your hope for a better world.
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Novelist, Poet, and Uninhibited Spirit, Perry Brass
Updated: January, 2014

News & Views
from Perry Brass
(2 new anthologies that feature Perry Brass.)

Carnal Sacraments,

A New Collaboration The Restless                Yearning      Towards My Self

"The Last Wednesday in August" &

"Men" by Shane Allison

Hungry for Something Juicy?
Take a Warlock to Lunch

(OK, who wouldn't want to write an
ode to the world's greatest swimmer
in the
world's smallest Speedo?)

What Cary Grant Knew
about Seduction & Other Tips:
37 Ways to Be Seductive

With a Man
& In Love with Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Rodeo butt shots: Perry reads from Works & Other "Smoky George" Stories. Read Perry's
recollections of Lost Gay New York.

Is the Urge Towards Sex
the Same Urge
as the Urge Towards God: A Discussion

A few words from Perry
Winter, 2014
Manly Art of Seduction cover

 from Belhue Press:
The Manly Art of Seduction
How to Meet, Talk to, and
Become Intimate with Anyone.

Hi, I'm glad you're discovering my psychic house, a place where boundaries and limitations are based mostly on your own desires, insights, and feelings. For years I've dealt with  opening up boundaries and categories—those of being straight, as well as of being gay (and a lot that's in-between and as yet undefined). So if these things are hang-ups to you, you might want to try another site. Also, some of the material here is for "adults," that is mature, but also fun-loving, wise, and kind people.  Again,  if these things are hang-ups to you, you might want to try another site.

    Mostly, I want you to get to know my work, and  the work of other artists, writers, poets, and musicians. What do we all have in common? Simply an openness toward what is not only new, but also deep and inspiring. If you feel that sex and sexuality have become stale, cold, and as isolating as so much of the rest of our too-commercialized life, then you'll find a home here. If you're looking for just another porno site in "li-trary clothing," then I'm afraid you're at the wrong place.
    But there are a lot of good things at this place and I hope you'll stick around and discover all of them.  And I  can't wait to hear from you, because you're too much a part of  this site to sit there in the dark and silence.


     Thanks for dropping by again, and if this is your first time at my site, I'm really glad you've discovered my work, and my feelings about life. The big news right now is the publication of my new book King of Angels, A Novel About the Genesis of Identity and Belief, available at community bookstores everywhere, including Australia, UK, and  the Netherlands. You can also get it at Amazon, and at TLA Video. I hope you'll check it out.

'    I am keeping the cover of The Manly Art of Seduction right here (it's a very popular cover), but you can see the cover and more about King of Angels below.

     Some of my books are also now available on Diesel Books, one of the best e-Book sources on the Web. Just hit Diesel to see them.

  Big news:  Belhue Press can now accept credit cards. We still don't have a shopping cart system, but if you'd like to purchase my books with plastic, just email me at the address below with a phone number where you can be reached, and I'll call you back & take your card info on the phone. As a reward, you'll get a 20% discount off list price of books, and we're always willing to give free back list books to our friends.

    All best to you, and our Earth as it prepares for another season.


Belhue Press
Don't forget to drop me a line at:

King of Angels cover

"It’s only right that I should tell you about my beginnings. My name is Benjamin Rothberg and I grew up by the water in Isle of Hope, a sunburned marshy suburb about fifteen miles from downtown Savannah, Georgia. The natives call it “I’ll-a-’ope,” with the same kind of stretched-out, lazy-sounding vowels you hear in words like “calliope.” Still, it was the most ravishing name in the world, the Isle of Hope. You head out on a twisting curlicue of a road to where the marshes and rivers soak into each other and dense hammocks of palmettos watch over the sea grasses with their salty-sweet stink of oysters, shrimp, catfish, and turtle shells. I grew up there with my younger sister, my mother, and my father, a salesman and a Jew. To me even at an early age, the two seemed indistinguishable: Jew. Salesman. The fast-talking Jew who never really stands still in one place and lives off his own spew of words becomes a salesman. What else could he do? What else could they do, since they were never to-the-land born?"

Learn more about King of Angels,
and hear Perry read from the first paragraphs of the book here.

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Read An Exciting Excerpt from Carnal Sacraments, A Historical Novel of the Future

You can read now Carnal Sacraments as an Ebooks, and take it with you
everywhere at EBooks About Everything. Try it.

Perry on UTube

Unique Perry Brass

& More Perry Brass

A New Exciting Excerpt
from Angel Lust

Excerpt from
The Substance of God, A Spiritual Thriller

Perry Brass: Write Your Own Gay Fiction

More Full Frontal Poetry


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