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Hi, I'm glad you're discovering my psychic house, a place where boundaries and limitations are based mostly on your own desires, insights, and feelings. For years I've dealt with  opening up boundaries and categories—those of being straight, as well as of being gay (and a lot that's in-between and as yet undefined). So if these things are hang-ups to you, you might want to try another site. Also, some of the material here is for "adults," that is mature, but also fun-loving, wise, and kind people.  Again,  if these things are hang-ups to you, you might want to try another site.     

​Mostly, I want you to get to know my work, and  the work of other artists, writers, poets, and musicians. What do we all have in common? Simply an openness toward what is not only new, but also deep and inspiring. If you feel that sex and sexuality have become stale, cold, and as isolating as so much of the rest of our too-commercialized life, then you'll find a home here. If you're looking for just another porno site in "li-trary clothing," then I'm afraid you're at the wrong place.     But there are a lot of good things at this place and I hope you'll stick around and discover all of them.  And I  can't wait to hear from you, because you're too much a part of  this site to sit there in the dark and silence. 
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Read about my personal journey through prostate cancer.

I wanted to share with my friends this series of 3 articles I am wrote for New York's Gay City News about my March prostate cancer diagnosis. It has been quite a spring and summer of dealing with this, and I have learned a lot from it. Don't miss the picture of me, my sister Nancy, and my father Louis—I was 9 at the time, that accompanies the article. 

"An Invader in the Pleasure Dome"

Part 1:  http://gaycitynews.nyc/invader-pleasure-dome/

Part 2:  http://gaycitynews.nyc/stepping-prostate-cancer-surgery/

Part 3: http://gaycitynews.nyc/recovery-life-prostate-cancer/

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